VR Collaborations

VR Collaborations

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Arena 360’s friends at Mimir LLC here discuss aspects of VR, we would be most keen to chat to anyone interested in VR potential for their business.

They (https://mimir.world) were featured in the NHK program “Marutto! Gifu” on June 17, 2021.

The theme of this program is how new business opportunities are created through VR, both locally and globally. Based in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, Mimir is a team with members of different nationalities, using VR worlds to create relationships and develop business irrespective of distance.

In the program, Kusanokashiragama Kiln is introduced. The experimental archaeologist and potter Sokei Aoyama speaks about his tea bowls, showing a rare Shiro Tenmoku tea bowl (prized at about $20,000). Their collection is available in viewing in 3d at https://www.kusanokashiragama.com/3d….

Microfiche, a Sapporo-based company mentioned in the program, is an IT firm with a similar vision (http://www.microfiche.co.jp).

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