Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which package suits my business?

The package size is determined by, the size and layout of your site(s), the number of separate spaces etc, what you’d like to preview/highlight, also context specific customer “hover behaviour”.

Real estate and hotel booking settings, for example, facilitate customers engaging to get an accurate feel for the environment before taking the next step and hence tend employ larger numbers of shots.

What about single images?

Strategic, single point of view shots can be effective, we have one such posted in our EXAMPLES Section, but spaces generally work best with corner shots and central space perspectives to make a tour.

We generally do not charge for transition shots e.g. through doorways, and try to accommodate budgets creatively.

Google Street View is a virtual walking tour, this means when moving through the space you can not walk through walls or objects.

By all means use this form to contact us or call on 07375 299305 for a chat

What are the professional stills?

The Professional Stills that Arena shoots are professional photos of your products (retail), dishes (restaurants), cocktails (bars), and/or your business decor and ambiance.

We term the stills Points of Interest, leaving the door open for creative interpretations.

There are private areas of the business, Do these areas need to be included?

No.  You can show as much or as little of the business as you desire.

Keep in mind, your tour should have viewpoints from all areas that customers might find interesting, bar private spaces.

I have multiple sites/properties, is there a discount?

There is a special rate for multiple location shoots.  By all means use this form to contact us for a chat to let us know how many locations so we can customize a plan for your business/businesses.

How long is the entire process?

The photo shoot itself, for an regular size site will take 1-2 hours to complete.  Imagery will be active on Google in approximately 7-10 days from the shoot date.

Who owns the photos?

Ownership rights are transferred to the business owner, but Arena will retain the right to use imagery for promotional use.

What if I remodel or change my decor?

Following a re-model or major decor change, we can re-shoot your business for half the price of the original shoot.
If you change your decor seasonally and would like your Google Street View to reflect your current look, by all means use this form to contact us for a chat so we can customize a discounted rate.

My business has an old Street View, can it be replaced?

Yes, we can shoot your business and help claim your listing on Google.  Arena works very hard to ensure customer satisfaction, Google Street View Trusted Photographers are independent contractors who are approved by Google.  Please allow us to remedy any problems with a previous shoot – EVEN if were are not the original photographers.

Can I embed Street View on my website or social media platform?

Yes, Google provides simple and shareable ‘code snippets.’  But if you’re still having trouble, we’re happy to help you get your Street View where you want it.

Can customers be present during the photo shoot? When is the best time?

Yes, customers can be present during the photo shoot.  But keep in mind according to Google’s image standards we may have to blur faces.  We recommend either shooting prior to the business being open for regular hours or getting permission from anyone present.

How do I prepare my business for a photo shoot?

Clean and organize the space the way you want it to appear to your customers online.

Take care to remove any personal information or items that are in sight of customer spaces. Please prepare any dishes/cocktails/products for close up photography as apart of your professional stills and point of interest photos.

Google Street View is a virtual walking tour, this means when moving through the space you can not walk through walls or objects.

Questions about virtual tours offered by Arena.