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Lewis Reed Digital Showroom


Arena, in partnership with RHS Disabilities Consultancy,  is proud to be working with Lewis Reed Group, the premiere Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle company in the UK.

Lewis Reed are the definitive wheelchair accessible vehicle provider, dedicated to developing the finest wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market.

 Arena are working to match this offer, with the most immersive customer experience technologies.

We aim to create "Digital Twins" of their vehicle range, into a "Digital Showroom" and deliver enhancements such as 360º online demos and test drives from all seating positions, Motability approved guidance, downloadable vehicle models and live guidance from sales specialists.

The aim is to integrate 360º content into a platform, allowing any sales enquiry or call to be transformed immediately into a guided immersive vehicle demonstration, across any vehicle variant, in Lewis Reed's range.

Some aspects of this industry first are presented below.


Lewis Reed Digital Showroom

The Digital Showroom is a landing point into the vehicle collection, more importantly the "experience" - customers can compare vehicles on the basis of their needs and preferences, some illustrated above, equally be remotely guided by a sales agent controlling the screen.

A core concept in the design is maintaining the relationship with the customer, in real time, and wherever possible facilitating the guidance that otherwise would require vehicle demos or a visit to the physical showroom.

The ability to "teleport" into vehicle variants, whilst guided by a sales agent, is unique to this design.

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Vehicle Interiors

360º Video

360º video forms the basis of "Virtual Test Drives" accompanied by a sales specialist.

The method allows for unprecedented flexibilty as customers can be "teleported" into any vehicle in the range, and any variant of that vehicle, at any time during the demonstration.

The demos themselves can conform to a structure, informing/educating the customer, a suggested format is the Motability checklist below. This again prompting for vehicles demoed to be switched to others in the range, at will.



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